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At one point in my life I found myself at the edge of a chasm, which was the utlimate proof that the path I had taken was wrong. I could close my eyes and jump … it would have been as easy as the path itself which brought me to this dramatic point. I made a different decision. I didn’t hesitate then and I have been following the newly chosen path since then without the slightest hesitation. Although at first it turned out to be extremely difficult today I know it was worth it. I forgot about health problems, depression, bad habits and the terrifying diagnosis I had heard from the doctor. I am in a better physical and mental shape than ever before. The new passion I have pursued over the last few years has shown me secrets that I had no clue about before.

There are many factors that have influenced the changes that have occurred in my body and mind. Although my blog is mainly about diet, it will also provide some information on other aspects of my new life. These are as important as the changes I have made in my daily cooking routine . I will write about meditation, the subconscious, physical exercise, supplementing, ways to cleanse the body…

If you want to add a little sweetness to your life, feel invited to a section with my own recipes for raw sweet treats 🙂

I wouldn’t have achieved anything if it wasn’t for people who also had decided to share their knowledge and experience. Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Dr T. Colin Campbell, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr John A. McDougall, Dr Dean Ornish, Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Michael Greger, Dr Michale Klaper, Chris Wark… just to name a few. These people are my heroes as they made learning the truth possible.

Although I will be writing about facts confirmed by scientific research, I treat this blog very personally. I have come a long, sometimes extremely hard way. I have no bad intentions and do not want to change your views. I just want to tell you about the`i path to my personal success.

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